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  • $0.02
    Cheese and Crackers

    Cold Cut Platter with 5 Domestic and Imported Cheese and Crackers

  • $0
    Chef Service for everyday meals

    Please send me a request.

  • $0.02
    Shrimp Anticuchos

    Shrimp Anticuchos (Skewers) with Cilantro and Jalapeno Pesto

  • $0
    Spanish Gypsies Dessert Diner

    We can service any size events. We can provide our regular menu plus any special requests you may have. With our passion for food and our diverse cooking abilities, we will happily work on a menu that can satisfy any crowd

  • $0.02

    Premium Cheese Steaks - Mushrooms - with mushrooms - 7" , 10" , 15"

  • $6
    Salad with Pears and Parmigiano Reggiano


  • $9.95
    Seafood Chow Mein


  • $2.99
    Mango Lassi

    Butter Milk

  • $0
    Crab Stuffed Mushrooms (2)


  • $15
    Spaghetti allo Scoglio


  • $8.49
    Spicy Seekh Kabab Wrap

    Tandoori spicy ground lamb kabab, grilled onions, and mint chutney

  • $600
    Subscribe to 5 lunches for 10-12 adults

    typically 2 entrees for every meal and one appetizer

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What our happy customers say?

Since we started using Wanteet we have been able to get food for the Meetup from different vendors each time, for only a little bit more money than the pizzas cost, by using the Make a request (yumQuotes) option. Being able to have variety has been a nice benefit for the members of the Meetup group. The process of getting and selecting a quote is simple and straightforward. Meredith, i-Gate
Dario has a very unique energy about his cooking. His passion is infectious. He was so organized and thorough. It was a pleasure to watch. We loved his food and cooking. Eggplant parmigiana and Shrimp was excellent.

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