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  • $8.99
    Chicken Tikka Kabab

    Chicken breast cubes

  • $8.5
    Kaki Su (4 pcs)

    Raw oyster with ponzu sauce

  • $6.99
    Mango Organic Iced Tea

    One of the most sought after iced tea combinations. Luscious tropical mango complements our naturally sweet and subtly fruity Ceylon black tea accented by aromatic oolong.

  • $0

    Spicy Salmon, Salmon skin, Kanikama, Avocado, Crunchy tempura, Scallion, Toasted Sesame

  • $7.5
    Tomato Beef & Scrambled Egg


  • $0

    Shrimp tempura, Fresh water Eel, Avocado, Scallion, Toasted sesame, Masago

  • $9.75
    Broccoli Beef


  • $7.5
    Salt & Pepper Prawns


  • $0
    Brown Rice

    Nutritious whole grains that delivers fiber, protein, selenium and good carbs that help balance your diet

  • $7.5
    Beer Battered Mushrooms

    Basket of Twelve

  • $7.99
    Aloo Bellpeppers

    Potatoes with Bell Peppers

  • $8.5
    Mu Sho Beef


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Since we started using Wanteet we have been able to get food for the Meetup from different vendors each time, for only a little bit more money than the pizzas cost, by using the Make a request (yumQuotes) option. Being able to have variety has been a nice benefit for the members of the Meetup group. The process of getting and selecting a quote is simple and straightforward. Meredith, i-Gate
Dario has a very unique energy about his cooking. His passion is infectious. He was so organized and thorough. It was a pleasure to watch. We loved his food and cooking. Eggplant parmigiana and Shrimp was excellent.